LearningRx Cost

LearningRx Cost

LearningRx Cost

Are you concerned about the cost of LearningRx? Cost is a factor for many people considering brain training. Hiring a brain trainer is like hiring a personal trainer at the gym — the costs are similar, and can seem daunting. But before you write off brain training as an option, ask yourself this: what is the cost of a learning disability? What are the expenses involved with being, or even parenting, a struggling learner?

The average struggling student spends up to 390 extra hours doing homework every year. That adds up to approximately 2,730 hours between 5th and 12th grade. If, as a parent, you spend even half that time monitoring, cajoling and supervising, that’s 1,365 hours of your time. Without knowing what you are usually paid per hour for your time, if we calculate your time at even the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, that comes to $9,900 (1,365 hrs @ $7.25/hr). If we attach the same hourly rate to your time and the time your child spends doing all that extra homework, it adds up to more than $19,000. The moral of the story is that those extra hours spend by your child (and by you!) really add up. If a brain training program costs $4,000 but eliminates all those extra homework hours (not to mention eliminating stress!) you’ve actually made $15,000 profit in profit!

LearningRx Cost — More Than Money
When a learning disability goes untreated by a brain training center such as LearningRx, the expense to you and your family is not limited to just time and money. Check out these other “expenses” that result from weak cognitive skills:

  1. It is proven that lower intelligence leads to lower self-confidence. That, in turn can make a person less motivated, more likely to make poor life choices, hang out with the “wrong crowd” or avoid challenging situations like a new career or a college course.
  2. Family time is always affected when a student is struggling. The daily frustration takes a real toll on relationships, producing anger or tears that lead, in turn, to guilt. Other siblings might feel neglected, and in general, the family has less fun together.
  3. Because students who struggle to learn often fail to get grades that will help them get into college, they tend to choose careers that bring in less income.

Yes, there is a cost to getting help at LearningRx. But the cost of not doing anything is far weightier! Consider this testimonial from the father of one of our graduates:

“To be honest, we were at the end of our rope with trying to figure out how to help Mitch. We knew he could do it, we just couldn’t figure out why school wasn’t working. LearningRx seemed like our only hope. Wow! What a difference it has made! Yes, it was a lot of time and money, but it was worth every penny.”

Ryan T.
Lincoln, NE

LearningRx Cost — Brain training really does rewire brains and changes lives.
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