LearningRx Complaints

LearningRx Complaints

LearningRx Complaints

Over the past two years, there have been two grievances leveled against LearningRx. The complaints were aired in the form of posts on an internet forum, and fall into one of two categories: First was a complaint of supposed fraud because a LearningRx director was not a doctor. Second, a former employee complained of supposed overcharging for services rendered. We want to take the chance to clear the air about these allegations, and explain the reasons behind the misunderstandings that prompted these individuals to feel wronged by LearningRx.

Complaints of this nature often arise from miscommunication. This can happen in even the best relationships. It is worth noting that thousands of students go through our program, and very few — if any — have anything less than a very positive experience with our company. In fact, our customer satisfaction score is over 90%, one of the highest in the nation for franchises (the national average for customer satisfaction scores is around 70%). In other words, complaints about LearningRx are the exception, not the rule. That said, we take it seriously when someone feels they’ve received less from our company than expected. LearningRx is a small, family-owned business. We are dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life by eliminating learning struggles.

LearningRx Complaints — Answers
The fraud allegation is based on a misunderstanding of the way our business has grown and the way it currently works. Our program is based on scientific research. It was birthed and developed in clinical settings. Specialists and medical professionals created and refined our programs. Because of this, LearningRx has never expected—nor promised—that the professionals who own or manage our Centers have medical backgrounds. In fact, one of our strengths is the fact that our directors come to us from a diverse range of fields, including education, mental health, business and more. Before opening a center, each of our owners and directors go through extensive training by the professionals who created our program.

It has also been said that our program is nothing but expensive flash cards. This is untrue. As stated above, years of research and refinement has gone into creating our programs. Furthermore, LearningRx programs were tested extensively to make sure they produced dramatic and unmatched results before we ever presumed to offer these programs in the marketplace.

There is another allegation. A former employee claimed that the center he worked for changed students’ test scores to make them look worse (or better) than they actually were. We have looked thoroughly into this matter and found absolutely no evidence that test scores were falsified. We did, however, find evidence that the employee who made this allegation was unhappy. And while there were other problems with that particular center, which has now closed, to our knowledge no test scores were ever falsified. Be assured that any center found to falsify test scores would be immediately shut down.

LearningRx Complaints — Going Forward
The commitment of LearningRx is to continue to put the needs of our clients first and foremost, and to continue to do business in a way that is both excellent and ethical. While we can’t stop false allegations from ever occurring, we can evaluate complaints and address any issues with honesty and integrity.

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