LearningRx Complaints

While rare among LearningRx clients, complaints can occur in even the best relationships. As a family-owned, family-run business, LearningRx is committed to making sure clients have the best possible experience at any of the company’s 80-plus brain training centers throughout the nation.

That said, we take it seriously when someone feels they’ve received less from our company than expected. Even though complaints are few and far between, we view them as opportunities to evaluate (and improve, if needed) our systems and services. We also see them as opportunities to resolve issues in such a way that someone with an unmet expectation might be transformed into someone who is so pleased with our product and services, they can’t wait to refer friends and families to our company.

It is worth noting that thousands of students go through our program, and very few have anything less than a very positive experience with our company. In fact, our customer satisfaction score averages 9.5 out of 10. In other words, complaints about LearningRx are the exception, not the rule.

To see what clients are saying about their experiences with our company, check out LearningRx reviews. This page shares testimonials posted by actual LearningRx clients. We do not edit or modify these testimonials in any way, and they represent the exact words of our clients.