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Learning Rx Video

Learning Rx – The Facts About Learning
Fact: 80% of all learning difficulties are caused by weak cognitive skills. Yet, increased

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studying, tutoring, or classroom accommodations have little to no affect on a student’s cognitive skills. Which means, until the cognitive skills are improved, the student will continue to fall farther and farther behind.

The latest brain research confirms that through Brain Training, cognitive skills can be improved. And it’s this research that has sparked an emerging brain training industry that is redefining the entire educational services market.

Learning-Rx — Treating the Causes of Learning Difficulties
But only one franchise system addresses all 7 major cognitive skills areas… Learning Rx. And unlike tutoring, which only treats the symptoms, our program treats the cause of learning difficulties. Perhaps that’s why Learning Rx delivers improvements in cognitive skills that are simply unmatched, producing on average 3.6 years of improvement in as little as 3 months.

Learning Rx — Testing Cognitive Skills
Learning Rx is proven to strengthen weak cognitive skills, but targeting those weaknesses requires a sophisticated testing process.

Learning Rx uses the Woodcock-Johnson III cognitive skills tests, which is a highly regarded and recognized test battery. But people are more than just test scores. That’s why, before we discuss the test results, we talk in depth with everyone involved to fully understand their situation. From struggles and disappointments, to dreams and ambitions, we believe it’s vital to understand their stories first, because for them and you, it provides insight into what’s really behind the test scores.

Likewise, the scores often just confirm what families may have already suspected. Now with the test scores and the individual’s history and goals, we can best match him with one of the targeted Learning Rx programs.

Learning Rx — The Program & the Trainer
After the student is enrolled, he and his parents will go through an orientation. That’s when the family will be introduced to their Learning Rx trainer. Learning Rx knows that the trainer-student relationship is so important to success, that’s why each trainer is carefully paired to suit the personality of her students. It’s also at this time that students receive their training materials and start to learn how some of the procedures are done.

Learning Rx — The Training Begins
After the orientation, the scheduled training starts. Learning Rx is an intensive, 3 to 5 days per week program; training sessions are for an hour or more each day. And, depending on which program the person is enrolled in, training may be entirely through a Learning Rx trainer, as it is in our “Pro” level programs, or it may be divided between the trainer and a parent or spouse, like our “Partner” programs.

Throughout the training, the difficulty of the procedures increases with each level. For the students, these incremental successes equate into enormous boosts of self-confidence, not to mention a trip to the prize cabinet.

Learning Rx — Beyond the Training
But beyond the training, is the relationship each center develops with their students and their student’s family. It’s a special relationship that grows out of the excitement and accomplishments that weeks of training and success produce.

Finally, the training is complete. The student is retested to measure the program’s success. On average, Learning Rx produces over 3.6 years of improvement. And while that’s very impressive on paper, it’s true impact on the lives of the students and their families is immeasurable.

Learning Rx — Success & the Final Program Review
That’s why the final program review is often an emotional time as these latest test scores simply confirm what the student and his family already know, that learning will no longer be the same struggle; and a future filled with success is no longer just a dream.

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