Increase Brain Power

Increase Brain Power

Increase Brain Power – Is it Possible?
Is it possible to increase brain power? If I expand my brain function, will I also enhance my productivity at work or in the classroom? Yes! If you expand brain capacity and connections, the brain will take advantage of the new resources every time it faces a processing task. You’ll be able to work more productively and increase your memory skills.

Did you know that your brain can expand quickly? Very few people have maximized their learning capacity. Since our brains are designed to grow, you can see fast results through brain training. Good training simply takes advantage of these inherent qualities of the brain. It’s like weight training for your brain.

Increase Brain Power — How is it Done?
Change and adapting to it will increase your brain power. Our brains are capable of amazing things when it comes to adapting to new information. If you train your brain to thrive on change, you will be better able to grow and adapt to our ever-changing world!

Our color words exercise is a great example of training your brain to adapt to changed input. When you see the word “Green” but it is being spelled with blue letters, the brain has to do a “double-take” and adapt to seemingly conflicting information. What will it do with the seemingly contradictory information? When forced to perform this adaptation with a steady tempo, it starts to strain what is “comfortable” or “automatic” and force growth… or an increase in brain power.

Increase Brain Power — What is My Potential?
What is involved when trying to increase brain power? Learn how to have faster, more efficient brain processing. Here are three important elements:

  • Big Change! The brain recognizes big change as important change. Big, fast changes maximize the brain’s tendency to adapt to important information. When the big, fast changes happen, a person is rewarded with pride and increased motivation. Some say it is the payoff for taking the risk. The bigger the payoff, and the sooner it is realized, the greater a person’s willingness to go through the training.

    LearningRx training recognizes the capacity for big, fast changes and designs programs to last between three and six months. Training is completed in a series of incremental steps that can be attained rapidly. This approach gives valid, tangible, immediate payback as well as the incentive to keep going. 

  • Intensity! LearningRx is intense, but the program rewards with achievable, incremental success. The fun, yet intense, training causes the brain to grow. It all amounts to an incentive to continue to make the investment for the quickest and greatest returns possible. 
  • Motivation! The training is designed to stimulate motivation. Each time a student completes a series of exercises, he realizes just how much his skills are improving. That positive realization will serve as part of the reward for past efforts, as well as an incentive for future ones. At times, the student may think the training is tough or difficult, but overall growth and improvement will carry him or her through.


Increase Brain Power — Test Your Brain
Are you ready to increase your brain power? Whatch this video and give LearningRx brain training a try. You’ll be increasing your brain power in no time! You’ll learn brain-stretching exercises that will make a huge impact on your brain power.

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Excerpted from the book Unlock the Einstein Inside by Dr. Ken Gibson

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