Huntsville Brain Training & Skills Center

Huntsville Brain Training & Skills Center

Hi, I’m Lisa Branch, Director of the LearningRx Huntsville Brain Training Center. Is a loved one experiencing a learning problem — or perhaps you yourself are experiencing a learning problem that is causing you or them pain and frustration? We want to help you, and we can help you! Our Huntsville Brain Training Center is located nearby at 1423-A Brazos Drive, in Huntsville, TX.

It’s common for individuals and families to have questions about the learning struggles they are experiencing. We can and are ready to provide answers. Real answers that can truly make a difference. Please call us anytime at (936) 295-4579.

LearningRx is not a tutoring program — we train the brain. Instead of simply re-teaching material, the brain training we offer increases a person’s ability to learn, forever. At our Brain Training Center in Huntsville, we are team of experienced, compassionate trainers who strengthen students’ cognitive skills so that learning becomes easier. We focus on improving cognitive skills, because when a person’s cognitive skills are strong, learning and reading comes more easily and naturally — but when cognitive skills are weak, students struggle. This understanding of the brain and how it works is behind everything we do.

Come by and see us soon. I’d be happy to personally show you around our brain training center. Our graduates enjoy successes that tutoring programs simply cannot offer. Additionally, our graduates continue to see improvement and are still succeeding in their classes and workplaces. Although we are proud of our many young graduates, brain training isn’t just for children — we can help anyone, at any age. TBI sufferers, Seniors, and business people are among the many people that can benefit from our training.

Since brain training at LearningRx focuses on increasing the strength of cognitive skills, anyone can benefit. Stop by our center, give us a call, or email us, at Huntsville.Tx@learningrx.net.

Would you like to see a snapshot of the cognitive abilities of your child? An adult you know? Even your own? Take the Learning Skills Discovery Survey. Based on your observations of learning habits or struggles, this 3-minute survey will give you important insights. It’s easy to complete. If you or someone you love is struggling to read, learn or succeed, click here to find out why.

Can brain training change a kid’s entire life?
You decide.

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