Home Schooling Children with Learning Disabilities

Home Schooling Children with Learning Disabilities
Home Schooling Children with Learning Disabilities

Home schooling children with learning disabilities: Overview
Home schooling children with learning disabilities can be extremely beneficial for the child and parents. Statistically, it has been shown that when parents decide to home school their child with a learning disability, the child's learning ability is excelled more than in a school setting. This is said to be accredited to the one on one learning technique and the ability for the child to move at their own pace while not feeling pressured from classmates. In order to home school your child that has learning disabilities you would first need to find out the laws relating to home schooling a child with disabilities in your state. If your child is already registered and attending a school you would need to contact their guidance counselor and special education teacher. Parents should have the option of doing some lessons at home and being able to have the child continue professional academic therapy within the school system or other resources that are funded by the school district.

Home schooling children with learning disabilities: Action
When home schooling children with learning disabilities, it is important to have an assessment. If it has been a while since your child has had an assessment, then you would need to have an assessment done before you write your home school plan to determine what your child knows and at what grade level. For children with learning disabilities they will have different grade levels for different subjects. There are several assessments and academic skills tests available online. If your child's assessment is up to date then you can begin writing your home school plan. Start by writing down what areas you plan to work on. These areas are referred to as benchmarks, the standard point of interest. For example, reading, writing, and math are all benchmarks.

Home schooling children with learning disabilities: Remedial action
Home schooling children with learning disabilities requires knowing your child's learning styles. Is your child able to learn better by visual, auditory or a tactual-kinesthetic? Sometimes children need a combination of these styles to learn. Your curriculum lesson plans will need to be designed to your child's learning style. To find curriculums you will need to do some networking and research on what kinds of lesson plans are available. Talk to parents that are actually using these programs to get a feel on how well the lessons really work. Do not rely on the advertisement testimonials as proof of how effective the lesson plan is. Join online home schooling e-groups, and forums. Look for home schooling support groups. It is good to be involved in social gatherings with other parents that are home schooling their children that have learning disabilities. For further help, contact a local LearningRx center near you today, or go online to www.learningrx.com. We have resources and proven training methods that can help your child achieve greater success.

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