Help for TBI Recovery

Help for TBI Recovery

TBI Recovery

Help for TBI Recovery
Thinking and remembering, for most people, happens naturally across a complex and near-miraculous network of connections within the brain. When a traumatic brain injury shocks and damages the physical structure of this network, mental skills—including thinking, memory, reasoning, and focus—can be dramatically impaired.

LearningRx training exercises enhance recovery of lost brain function by directly stimulating and strengthening the connection systems in the brain. The training takes advantage of a process called neuroplasticity.

Help for TBI Recovery – Your Brain Can Recover
Every person’s brain is in a constant state of change. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s specific capacity to establish new and stronger network connections between neurons (brain cells). For the person suffering mental loss due to TBI, neuroplasticity and brain training offer extraordinary hope for dramatic or full recovery.

LearningRx training adapted to TBI sufferers literally rebuilds the brain’s neural connection network. Carefully crafted training exercises stimulate new connections that bypass the damaged areas of the network and restore normal or near-normal brain function.

Explore your new recovery options now.
LearningRx brain training holds promise for TBI sufferers like few other treatment solutions. Locate a LearningRx Brain Training Center near you to speak with a training specialist or schedule a face to face visit.

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