Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment

Educational Assessment — Leaving the Myths Behind
Why is an educational assessment important for my child? Isn’t educational testing designed for “special education,” “special needs,” and “at risk” students?

My child just struggles a bit with reading and spelling.
My student only has small issues with listening and following instructions.

My child spends more time at homework than his friends, but isn’t that a sign of trying harder?

If your child is struggling with any area of learning, an educational assessment is the important first step towards treatment and success. An educational assessment isn’t a declaration of lower intelligence. It doesn’t place an irrevocable mark in your child’s “permanent record.” In fact, in over 80% of learning struggles, the learning difficulty is the direct result of a cognitive weakness than can be identified and targeted through an educational assessment.


Educational Assessment — Moving Forward Towards Success
LearningRx offers a comprehensive educational assessment at an affordable rate. With these test results, we can produce a unique Cognitive Skill ProfileTM, which identifies your child’s specific cognitive skill needs. This educational assessment paints an accurate picture of your student’s learning difficulties and the associated cognitive tools that require strengthening.

With our educational assessment, not only do you get comprehensive scoring, evaluation, and strategic consultation, you finally get answers to the two most important questions surrounding your child’s learning struggles:

Why does this learning difficulty exist?
What can we do to overcome it?

Educational Assessment — What Works and Why
What is an effective educational assessment? Why is our assessment system better than the others?

At LearningRx, we use a battery of Cognitive Assessments. Each of these detailed educational assessments includes several sub-tests, which measure cognitive skills such as:

  • Processing Speed
  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Logic and Reasoning
  • Working Memory
  • Long-Term Memory
  • Word Attack
  • Reading Fluidity
  • Comprehension

Once the educational assessment of your student is complete, we stand ready to customize a cognitive skills training program that will help your child overcome life-long learning struggles. Indeed, educational assessment is the crucial first step. However, once cognitive weaknesses are identified, it’s imperative to follow through and attack these barriers to learning. During the last two decades, that exactly what we’ve done at LearningRx. If you’re interested in our proven system and dramatic results, please contact one of our many local LearningRx Centerstoday.


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