Educational Assessment Article

Educational Assessment Article
Educational Assessment Article

Educational Assessment Article: Measuring Progress
This educational assessment article is helpful for parents and educators alike. An educational assessment is used to measure academic progress. It's used to identify the different skills and concepts that individual students have learned throughout the year. Their purpose is to allow educators to reflect back on the impact they've made with their students. Teachers can use the information to plan ahead by determining which set of instructions and materials are the most appropriate for their students. It can also be very beneficial for parents to see how well their children have progressed in the classroom.

Educational Assessment Article: The Cause of Learning Difficulties
This educational assessment article clarifies the difference between measuring academic progress and finding the underlying cause. Although an educational assessment can tell the level a student has attained academically, it won't determine the cause of the difficulties in a specific area, only that they have a difficulty. More times than not, when a student has recurring difficulties it's not the teachers fault, or the student's fault. It's because of weak cognitive skills. Over 80% of all learning difficulties are the result of weak cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are the mental skills that power the brain's ability to learn.

Educational Assessment Article: Path to Success
There are a number of options available for children looking for a remedial program. The uniqueness of LearningRx's assessment is the ability to pinpoint the cognitive skills that are weak, and in turn, uncover the cause of the difficulties. Rather than looking at the assessment from an educational standpoint, we look for the underlying causes that affect a child's ability to learn. New advances in our understanding of how children learn result in profoundly successful learning gains. The cognitive skills assessment gives accurate feedback to provide the best opportunity for a strategic path that leads to learning success. To find out more information about LearningRx and how we can help your children, contact a local LearningRx near you.

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