Dyslexia Reading Programs

Dyslexia Reading Programs

Dyslexia Reading Programs — The General Struggle

What are “Dyslexia Reading Programs?” Actually, Dyslexia Reading Programs are no different than any other Reading Improvement Programs. Contrary to widespread belief, dyslexia doesn’t mean that someone reverses letters or sees written words backwards. Dyslexia merely means that somebody struggles with reading.

Any reading program can produce some level of reading progress for students who possess underlying cognitive skills, but for those dyslexic students with weaker cognitive foundations, the wide variety of reading programs on the market only serve as a continuing frustration.

Dyslexia Reading Programs — Cognitive Skills Revisited
Dyslexia Reading Programs can only help dyslexic students if they already have the foundational cognitive skills required for ultimate reading success. Comprehensive research establishes that skilled reading is the direct result of strong mental tools such as auditory processing. True reading success requires that dyslexic students return to this cognitive level, strengthen fundamental abilities, and apply these stronger mental tools effectively. The research on dyslexia is clear:

    The key to overcoming reading struggles (dyslexia) is building foundational strength in a student’s underlying cognitive skills.

According to nearly 130 widespread studies by the Institute of Health and Child Development and others, approximately 88% of students who struggle with dyslexia have foundational weaknesses in cognitive skills such as auditory processing. Therefore, a dyslexia reading program that starts by strengthening underlying cognitive skills has the ticket to practical, lasting reading success.

Dyslexia Reading Programs — The Dramatic Success
At LearningRx, our dyslexia reading program provides a results-oriented system that identifies and repairs the real causes underlying dyslexia. We begin with a cognitive skills assessment that isolates the foundational weaknesses, and then we structure a powerful training regimen to strengthen those cognitive skills necessary to defeat dyslexia and grow a reader for a lifetime.

Our training programs start with the basics of sound blending, segmenting, and analysis. Students practice segmenting words into isolated units (“phonemes”) and blending those phonemes into more complex sound sequences. After the most probable spellings for each sound sequence are mastered, the less probable, alternative spellings are learned. Through training, the sound/letter patterns and the probability of their appearance are memorized, rather than being dependant on unreliable usage rules. We then use spelling, reading, and writing exercises to make the reversibility of the sound/letter code clearer with practice. Amazingly, students using our dyslexia reading program have averaged over four years of improvement in less than six months of training!

When you’re ready for a dyslexia reading program that can quickly and effectively impact your struggling student, please contact a LearningRx Center near you. We’re excited to help dyslexic readers with our fun and effective reading solution!

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