Welcome to the DC Metro Area LearningRx Brain Training Centers. Click on the video link below for an introduction to what we do.

Your child is struggling in school.

Homework is a nightly battle.

Staying focused is a challenge.

Someone you love is recovering from a stroke or a traumatic brain injury.

Is life a challenge because you or someone you love is struggling?

Thanks to neuroscientific research, we know that—no matter how old we are—our brains never lose the ability to strengthen existing neural connections and even create new ones. These are the connections that make up IQ, and empower us to think, remember and learn.

The brain training programs developed by LearningRx target and strengthen these connections in the brain. The results we get are not only scientifically measurable, they are unmatched by any other program, including tutoring.   The gains our students experience—easier learning, enhanced memory skills, plus an average increase in IQ of 15 points—are not only permanent, they are life-changing.

It’s painful not having the information you need to help yourself or someone you love. By taking a single action today, you can get the answers you’ve been seeking. The first step is to schedule a Cognitive Skills Assessment to identify cognitive weaknesses that may be making life harder than it needs to be. Click on the “offers” tab above to print a coupon for your testing, then call us right now.
How can brain training change your life or the life of someone you love? Call us today and let’s get the conversation started.