Cognitive Tutor

Cognitive Tutor
Cognitive Tutor

Cognitive Tutor has two widely accepted definitions. The first is synonomous with the term "intelligent tutoring system" or "ITS." A cognitive tutor, according to this definition, is a computer program that fine-tunes its problems and questions based on a "cognitive profile" it creates of the student, based on the student's performance as they answer the questions provided. For example, if a student sits down to a cognitive tutor program and repeatedly does poorly on questions having to do with math, the cognitive tutor will "intelligently" begin to target math problems in order to strengthen the student's knowledge of that area or subject.

Cognitive Tutor is also the name of a product by Carnegie Learning. It focuses on giving the student problems that deal with -- or are based upon -- real-world scenarios, in order to teach math skills and other concepts.

Cognitive Tutor — What Works and What Doesn't?
The phrase "Cognitive Tutor" can be misleading to some degree, if you are trying to find help for a learning struggle. A tutor is an after-school teacher, a person who helps students remember and grasp material that was missed or forgotten over the summer. The cognitive skills, however, are often responsible for learning difficulties, and tutoring cannot strengthen skills -- only training can accomplish that. So, we should be careful not to define "Cognitive Tutor" as "a tutor who strengthens cognition" because that is not possible. Only a brain trainer can truly strengthen cognitive skills. The computer program that is called "Cognitive Tutor" is useful and helpful for teaching certain subjects in certain ways, and for helping students to learn material in a way that makes it easy to understand and retain. But if you (or your child) are struggling to learn because of a cognitive weakness, these kinds of programs will not be of much help. Brain training, however, can help.

The first step is to get tested. Our cognitive skills assessment will show you exactly why you struggle, and which areas are weak and need to be strengthened by training. You can schedule a cognitive skills assessment at any local LearningRx brain training center. Ready to get started? Click here to find a center in your area now! And for more information about our programs, please go to our LearningRx brain training website. You can also visit our Research & Reports page to take a look at the research that's been done about our programs.

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