Cognitive Tests

Cognitive Tests

Cognitive Tests

Skill Performance – Cognitive Tests

Option 2: Testing
Properly designed tests directly probe a person’s underlying mental skills to see if another’s observations and conclusions are accurate. The primary objective of testing is to identify the cause(s) of a limitation in learning and working potential. By doing so, the quality of a student’s learning tools can be determined.

As discussed earlier, academic or achievement testing is not the same as cognitive skills testing, and it’s important to not confuse the two. The measurement of a child’s academic skill level is found through achievement tests, grades, and performance related to peers. Cognitive testing identifies and measures specific levels of underlying skill performance. It does not measure how well you remember the dates of the Civil War. It measures the efficiency of your ability to store and recall the information.

Cognitive Tests — Systems
Several testing systems measure cognitive skills. However, beware of any cognitive skills testing that only reports a single score (such as an IQ score). A single score may be an average of up to nine scores, but that is all it is — an average. These single score tests, reported as an IQ, do little to identify and pinpoint the particular strengths and weaknesses that are averaged together to create the score. Because of a lack of specific information, they often mask both the learning skill problem and the possible solutions.

Specific knowledge of individual skills is needed to attack and correct the weaknesses that are specifically hindering learning. The most highly regarded and comprehensive cognitive skills test battery is the Wood-cock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities (WJIIICOG). It identifies and tests a wide range of underlying cognitive skills so that specific causes of learning difficulties can be determined.

The long-term, practical value of such an understanding of a child’s cognitive skills is immeasurable. You will finally have answers to the two most important questions that arise when facing a learning difficulty:

  1. “Why does this trouble exist?”
  2. “What can I do to overcome it?”

The WJIII-COG tests were designed to empower concerned parents and professionals with accurate and understandable measurements of specific cognitive skills. This information, as well as the conclusions of a professional consultation, will clearly reveal the specific options available to successfully overcome the learning challenge rather than to simply manage a student’s struggles in the classroom.

The WJIII-COG test is available through LearningRx Training Centers. Instructions on how to locate a LearningRx Training Center near you are detailed at the end of this book. Our testing fee is normally only a fraction of the fees charges by other professionals because our emphasis is on training skills, not just on testing and diagnosis. You will also receive a personal consultation with a training center professional.

Without question, strong cognitive skills are critically important to successful learning. Let’s take a closer look at some of these cognitive and processing skills that help a child perform better in school and throughout life.

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