Cognitive Disorder

Cognitive Disorder

Cognitive Disorder – Schoolwork is Challenging
The academic environment is becoming increasingly competitive and students with a cognitive disorder often fall behind. Students enrolled in school from kindergarten to medical school are expected to learn at a faster pace and retain more information than ever before. With both the complexity in information and pace of learning increasing, it is easier for individuals to fall behind and struggle with learning.

Sometimes additional tutoring or homework practice is enough to get students back on track with their studies. In most cases, however, the problem is more complex and difficult to address than simple tutoring or extra homework. If the student has a deficiency in underlying cognitive learning skills, no amount of tutoring or extra homework alone will improve their studies.

Cognitive Disorder – Cognitive Skills are the Tools of Learning
A fully functioning set of underlying cognitive skills is necessary if a student is to learn up to their potential. For many, weak cognitive skills are the root cause of common academic struggles.

  • Poor reading and spelling can be traced to weak auditory processing skills.
  • Inefficient processing speed adds hours of frustration to homework assignments.
  • Poor math performance is likely traceable to weak visual processing, reasoning, or working memory skills.

These often combine with specific attention deficiencies to make general studying, following directions, and test taking difficult or almost impossible. Strong cognitive skills are the foundation for academic success. Without strong cognitive skills in place, a student will struggle to learn and retain information throughout their life.

Cognitive Disorder – Cognitive Skills are Trainable
Weak cognitive skills can be identified and strengthened. LearningRx specializes in identifying weak cognitive skills and customizing one-on-one training to strengthen those weaknesses. A cognitive skills assessment test will uncover specific cognitive skill weaknesses. Based on the outcome of the assessment, we design a series of intensive, one-on-one cognitive skill training exercises to strengthen the weak skills and enhance the student’s entire skills set. This often has an immediate and dramatic impact on school performance for students at all levels. Students struggling to pass their classes can gain the tools and confidence to earn high grades, and gifted students can sharpen their skills to better compete at the highest academic levels.

Consider LearningRx Cognitive Training
Every student faces the complex demands of learning. Those with strong, efficient cognitive skills learn easily and with greater success. Those with skills that are weak will struggle and find learning difficult if not seemingly impossible. If you or someone you know struggles to learn or read, weak cognitive skills may be at the root of the struggle. If this is the cause of the learning difficulty, it can be corrected and you can experience a lifetime of faster, easier learning and reading. Use the Center Locator to contact the nearest LearningRx Center and learn more about cognitive skills training and how it can improve your life.

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