Cognitive Development Delay

Cognitive Development Delay

Cognitive Development Delay – How can I help my child?

Rachael’s parents learned she had a cognitive development delay. Learn how theirlocal brain training centerhelped.

“We suspected Rachael had some difficulties with learning in 1st and 2nd grade. Then, in 3rd grade, the school had cognitive tests and wanted to test her. After getting the tests from the school and several meetings, we were discouraged by the tests and the school’s plan. We were hoping for an approach that would address the root cause. We investigated LearningRx and became convinced that the program was going after root causes.

“Overall, we are very impressed with the sincerity of all the LearningRx staff. We could tell right away that Stephanie always expressed confidence in Rachael’s abilities and got her to keep focused. Before LearningRx, Rachael might be able to read 1/2 or 1 page of a book at her grade level in 10 minutes and occasionally remember one idea from the page. Now, she consistently reads 2-3 pages in a 10 minutes time period and can retell about 70% of the main ideas. Rachael has been doing well on timed tests and is able to tune out distractions. Teachers are encouraging Rachael to do more writing independently.

“Our hope is that Rachael is getting on grade level passing grades in all subjects as soon as possible. We’re grateful for LearningRx!”

Parents of Rachael, age 10

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