Children Reading Programs

Children Reading Programs

Children Reading programs

Children Reading programs: Overview
Children’s reading programs are a vital part of development. Research shows that children who read well in the early grades are far more successful in later years. Those who fall behind often stay behind when it comes to academic achievement (U.S. Department of Education). Reading opens the door to learning about math, history, science, literature, geography and much more. Young capable readers can succeed in these subjects, take advantage of other opportunities (such as reading for pleasure) and develop confidence in their own abilities. Conversely, those students who cannot read well are much more likely to drop out of school. Improving the reading skill of children should be a top priority. At the national level, the “No Child Left Behind” program reflects this concern with the “Reading First” program. It is an ambitious national initiative designed to help every young child in every state become a successful reader.

Children Reading programs: Lifelong
Children’s reading programs vary, but they all offer fun and exciting ways to learn. The central goal should be to foster a love of reading and a deep engagement with books at all stages of development (Education Resources Information Center). Children who are read to on a regular basis learn to read at a younger age and seem to have fewer struggles. Young children who have a strong, positive relationship with books are excited and motivated about learning to read. They seem to do so with greater ease and success. Older students who develop a love of reading reap tremendous personal and academic benefits throughout their lives. Reading aloud is the key to instilling a love of reading in young children. As they listen, they enter into the world of the story, imaginatively participating in the character’s adventures. They develop a strong, positive relationship with books that become lifelong sources of pleasure and meaning.

Children Reading programs: Larger capacity for learning
Reading programs help children become independent readers and achieve strong comprehension. Children become absorbed and identify with the author’s main character, and share that character’s adventures and experiences. This can lead to a greater, deeper, lifelong love of reading that prepares them for other experiences in life. Other benefits include vocabulary development, word analysis and dictionary skills. At LearningRx, we train children to achieve all of these skills. Contact a training center near you or go online to

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