Chantilly Brain Training & Skills Center

Chantilly Brain Training & Skills Center

Hi! Welcome to the LearningRx Brain Training Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Stop by and visit our center and see for yourself what brain training is all about. We’re located at 10513 Braddock Road, Suite C, in Fairfax. And if you’d like to chat first by phone, you can reach us at (703) 995-9945.

The Chantilly area is now being served by our Fairfax location.

When you visit our center and see our powerful testing and training techniques, you’ll see why we get the life changing results that we do. Our programs dramatically and permanently improve the brain’s ability to perform well in school, work and life. Plus, our gains are clinically proven and scientifically measurable. We work with kids and adults of any age seeking better brain performance in thinking, reading, learning, reasoning, remembering and even paying attention. So stop by the Fairfax center, call us, or send an email to Whether you’d like more information on one-on-one brain training for yourself or someone you love, we can help.

Would you like to see a snapshot of the cognitive abilities of your child? An adult you know? Even your own? Take the Learning Skills Discovery Survey. Based on your observations of learning habits or struggles, this 3-minute survey will give you important insights. It’s easy to complete. If you or someone you love is struggling to read, learn or succeed, click here to find out why.

Can brain training change a kid’s entire life?
You decide.

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