Success Stories with Learning Struggles

Success Stories with Learning Struggles
Success Stories with Learning Struggles

"My daughter Bethani has improved in so many areas of concern. I hope I adequately convey to you the phenomenal changes to her and our home life. Prior to the LearningRx homework was a huge challenge, taking 3-4 hours per night. At LearningRx, Bethani developed skills such as self confidence, increased memory capacity, and the ability to think and describe events accurately and sequentially. She's now able to stay on task and focus in class, as well as on homework. Her teacher this year stated, "Bethani doesn't even resemble the notes from her teacher last year."

Imagine an evening of homework without tears! It's the first in three years. In some areas it's like a light switch was flipped on; word problems in math were particularly painful but now it's not an issue, reading struggles caused avoidance but now she's reading for pleasure, and memorization and usage of the multiplication table was impossible no matter how much she tried but now she gave her "cheat chart" back to her teacher and stated she'd prefer to do it on her own! Her confidence and attitude change is remarkable.

We are so proud of her and ecstatic that she completed the program. This report card showed effort = Outstanding/Excellent and the same for attitude. It's as if the program gave our family a new lease on life, pleasant evenings without battles and joyful learning experience."
Michael and Toni S. - Chandler, AZ
Parents of Bethani, age 10


"This whole experience has been so different and positive in Connor's life and mine. I have seen things start to happen for Connor that I'd almost given up on. After attending LearningRx Connor is much more confident. He is now able to self-start, as well as tie his own shoes (something we had been trying since kindergarten!) I can definitely see the wheels finally beginning to turn. You can't imagine how great this feels as a mom. We had tried numerous times to obtain assistance through Connor's school, but they just couldn't quite pinpoint it. I am so glad I learned about LearningRx. I will definitely recommend you."
Don and Pamela S. - Chandler, AZ
Parents of Connor, age 11


"My experience with LearningRx has been positive and rewarding. I was excited and nervous when we began the process as I knew there was a large commitment on my part as a "co-trainer." I loved working with my son at home and our relationship has strengthened as a result. I have seen his confidence grow and seen tangible results in school and at home. I'd like to share the following observation made by a family friend.

My son has a long time friend named Bob. Although they only attended kindergarten together, they have maintained their friendship and are often identified as "two peas in a pod." Bob's mother and I were collaborating on the boys' weekend together when Bob's mother quizzically asked me if I "had been doing something with Nick?" She had heard me mention the "appointments" I had with Nick over the last several months but I had neither elaborated on the nature of the appointments nor had she asked for details. She explained that on Nick's most recent visits to their home, Nick had been noticeably more attentive, had responded to her requests promptly and had even frequently offered his assistance in whatever she was working on.

I explained the LearningRx program to her and I am confident that all the behaviors she had noticed were as a result of the LearningRx program. I think any child would benefit from this program and I am grateful to the teacher at my son's school who recommended the program."
Bryan and Annie G. - Mesa, AZ
Parents of Nick, age 12


"We originally found ourselves at LearningRx because Abbitt was struggling with sight words. After an assessment it was determined that his memory was slightly deficient. After working with his trainer Ricki (who is a SUPER STAR and so positive, encouraging, motivating and kind) Abbitt regularly surprised us with the skills he developed. We would have never believed he would have all 43 presidents memorized so quickly. We only believed it was possible because we saw it with our own eyes.

Our initial concern also was to develop and maintain Abbitt's academic confidence. The smile on Abbitt's face after he successfully completes and masters a skill is priceless. I credit Ricki and LearningRx with instilling a positive love of learning in Abbitt at such a critical time in his learning career. I have and will continue to highly recommend LearningRx's programs to any and all people whom I come into contact with that demonstrate even the slightest need. What a fabulous program....Also, we will be back for refresher and strengthening course as necessary as Abbitt grows. Thank you!"
Stuart and Shaylee H. - Tempe, AZ
Parents of Abbitt, age 6


"The first time I went to LearningRx, I wasn't sure it was the right place for my son Walied. But after I talked with the director of training, Kim, and she explained to me how the program works, I felt it was too good to be true. So we gave it a try and within three weeks I started seeing some improvements in Walied's reading and in math. He was doing much better than before. His speed, his focusing, and his visual and even his memory were much better. I was so happy to have Ricki as his trainer. She is awesome! Her smile gives my son courage, happiness and comfort. She was so patient with him. Without Ricki and LearningRx, my son Walied would never have passed his level. I am so proud of him - he worked so hard for the whole five month program. He did a great job. LearningRx is my dream came true."
Areej and Najib H. - Chandler, AZ
Parents of Walied, age 7


"Our experience was excellent. We've seen a spark in our son we haven't seen before. We think we will reap the benefits for a long time to come. We were looking for a program that will help the whole person, not just grades, and something with a long term benefit. I have been at Sylvan for consultations but it just didn't seem that was what I was looking for. Tutoring was about passing grades. I wanted something to help with the foundation of lifelong learning. I think my son would have benefited more with the full program but having two kids enrolled we went with the partner program. The trainer is so friendly and helpful, my son couldn't wait to get here 3 x a week."
Jack Y. - Chandler, AZ
Father of David, age 10

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