Causes of Child Reading Problems

Causes of Child Reading Problems
Causes of Child Reading Problems

Causes of child reading problems: Analysis
Causes of child reading problems stem from a variety of issues, many of which are not easily diagnosed or understood. Effective reading instruction is built on a foundation which recognizes that reading ability is determined by multiple factors that may not all be explained adequately. But they all contribute to the overall success of the reader. Adequate initial reading instruction requires that children use reading to obtain meaning from print, have frequent and intensive opportunities to read, are exposed to frequent, regular spelling-sound relationships, learn about the nature of the alphabetic writing system, and understand the structure of spoken words. Disruption of any of these developments increases the possibility that reading will be delayed or impeded.

Causes of child reading problems: Processing
Causes of child reading problems include the difficulty that children have in processing language beyond the initial levels of comprehension. Factors include having a working understanding of how sounds are represented alphabetically; sufficient practice in reading to achieve fluency with different kinds of texts; sufficient background knowledge and vocabulary to render written texts meaningful and interesting; control over procedures for monitoring comprehension and repairing misunderstandings; and continued interest and motivation to read for a variety of purposes. Reading skill is acquired in a relatively predictable way by children who have normal or above average language skills if they have had experiences in early childhood that fostered motivation and provided exposure to literacy in use. They also need to have information about the nature of print through opportunities to learn letters and to recognize the internal structure of spoken words, as well as explanations about the contrasting nature of spoken and written language.

Causes of child reading problems: Remedial action
Causes of child reading problems include three potential stumbling blocks that are known to throw children off course on the journey to skilled reading. The first obstacle, which arises at the outset of reading acquisition, is difficulty understanding and using the alphabetic principle. This is the idea that written spellings systematically represent spoken words. It is hard to comprehend connected text if word recognition is inaccurate or burdensome. The second obstacle is a failure to transfer the comprehension skills of spoken language to reading and to acquire new strategies that may be specifically needed for reading. The third obstacle to reading magnifies the first two. It is the absence or loss of an initial motivation to read or failure to develop a mature appreciation of the rewards of reading. At LearningRx, we have the skills to train the brain and help your child a better and more meaningful reading experience. Call a local LearningRx center near you today, or visit us at

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