Brain Training Program

Brain Training Program

Brain Training Program
Increasing numbers of people now looking to a brain training program to help them overcome learning difficulties. For children struggling to keep up in school, college students wanting an edge, and adults combating the effects of cognitive decline, a brain training program can be the answer. Brain training, or cognitive skills training, is a very effective method—based on current neuro-scientific research—of improving learning struggles like ADHD, dyslexia and poor memory. Because of recent groundbreaking discoveries in the field of brain science, we now know that the brain's intelligence is not a fixed entity. Much like a muscle, it can be strengthened, grown and improved. The changeable parts of the brain are called cognitive skills, and they are what make learning possible. The stronger your cognitive skills are, the better you will be at thinking, learning, remembering, processing, and paying attention. This is great news for people who struggle in those areas, because a brain training program can literally change your life forever.

Brain Training Program: Things to Consider
When choosing a brain training program for yourself or for your child, there are several factors to consider.

First, do you know exactly what is causing the struggle? Most people don't, and for good reason: the specific cognitive skills that a brain training program will improve are unseen and often unfamiliar to us — auditory processing, visual processing and the like. These terms don't mean much, but the symptoms mean a lot! Auditory processing weaknesses will make it very difficult for a person to read because they will be unable to sound out the phonemes that make up words. The thought "I can't read, no matter how hard I try" (or something similar) is what normally leads a person to a brain training program regardless of whether they are familiar with cognitive skills or not. In any case, you don't need to know which of your cognitive skills are weak, because a brain training program starts with a cognitive assessment — a test that will pinpoint which cognitive skills are weak.

Another thing to consider is your budget. A brain training program, if it is an effective one, will require an investment of time and money. LearningRx students and parents report that the program was worth every penny, but we do understand the difficulty that is presented by the investment needed to sign up for a brain training program. What you must decide is whether your child needs professional brain training to avoid a lifetime of frustration. Ask yourself: Is my child likely to graduate high school at the current rate of progress? Will my child struggle to get a good job or establish a satisfying career? What is it worth to see their life changed forever, both academically and socially? Keep in mind that a professional brain training program costs about the same as braces, and in addition to helping your child succeed in school, it produces a similar side-effect (bigger smiles!) College tuition is much more costly than a brain training program, but families make it work because they see the benefit of a college education. We want you to see that the benefit of a brain training program is just as much, if not more, beneficial to a struggling student than the diploma it will allow them to achieve.

Brain Training Program: Making Your Choice
Once you have decided to go ahead with a brain training program, you only need to figure out where to go. Our advice? Try LearningRx! Not only is LearningRx the proven leader and brain training pioneer among companies who offer one-on-one brain training, LearningRx is a company that is founded on strong ethical principles. Most of the parents on our corporate staff have put their children through the LearningRx brain training program. Many of our center owners and directors got into the business because their children were students and they were amazed at the results in their child. In fact, we are so confident that our brain training program works, we guarantee it. You won't find that anywhere else. If you would like to learn more about LearningRx brain training, please visit our website or click here to find a center near you.

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