Brain Improvement

Brain Improvement

Brain Improvement

Progressive Drills and Brain Improvement

Progressive drills enhance cognitive skills

The brain stays engaged as long as required to handle a task. Drill is the repetition of a single task. Research shows that repetitive drills build stronger pathways and expand the surrounding area of the brain where the task is being recorded. This involves more neurons used for the skill and leads to faster, longer-lasting changes.

Practicing a skill reinforces the mental connections in the brain required to execute it. Repetition communicates the importance you have assigned to the task and consequently, the brain recruits additional cells to record it. The brain’s natural capacities adapt quickly and permanently to establish the new activity or skill.

Imagine a basketball star practicing by shooting five hundred free throws every day. With every shot, there is an automatic comparison by the brain to the previous shots. Appropriate adjustments are made in the mind’s record of how to shoot free throws. The result: a better free-throw shooter.

Application: LearningRx training is formatted in drills that engage the brain’s natural capacity to recruit and construct new connections and to process new tasks and information. The weak functions of the brain being retrained actually begin to expand by recruiting other passive areas. Weakness is definitely turned into strength.

The skills learned in the early levels of training are expanded in the higher levels. The repetition guarantees success and produces rapid, lasting changes. Cognitive skills are not learned like we learn geography. They are developed and strengthened by practice.

Brain Improvement — Fire Together!
“Fire together” means “wire together”

Neurons involved in the same repeated thoughts and actions develop stronger connections. Regardless of whether the thoughts and actions involve memorizing a spelling list, a musical score, historical facts, football plays, or the intricacies of a figure skating routine, the network of brain cells incorporated into the memory of the skill or activity will be stronger and last longer.

Application: LearningRx training procedures are formatted and grouped to impact closely related cognitive skill groups. The individual underlying skills are repeatedly worked by a variety of techniques and drills.

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