Adult ADD

Adult ADD

Adult ADD

Is adult ADD holding you back? Are you always late, disorganized, and struggling to catch up? Do you notice that you are forgetful and overwhelmed? It could be adult ADD. As adults, we’re expected to cope with the stresses and challenges of life, and to improve and learn how to handle things. But what if your brain chemistry is fighting you every step of the way? You might be perceived as lazy, or scattered, or irresponsible. These labels are frustrating, because you are really trying to be responsible and organized. Why is it so much harder for you than for other people? It’s not for lack of mental effort. Instead, what’s going on behind the scenes (and inside your brain) is impacting your performance, how people see you, and how you see yourself. The good news is that, given the right opportunity, your life can change.

Adult ADD — The Symptoms
People who struggle with adult ADD usually exhibit certain symptoms. For example, staying focused is a big effort. Attending to boring, everyday tasks can be nearly impossible. An adult ADD sufferer may be easily distracted by stimuli in the world around them, quickly jumping from one thought or activity to the next. These types of symptoms are sometimes overlooked because they cause less trouble than the usual ADD/ADHD symptoms (hyperactivity and impulsivity). But that doesn’t mean that they are not significant. To know if you have the type of adult ADD that is characterized by concentration and inattention issues, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you ever zoned out in the middle of a conversation?
  • Does your attention seem to wander constantly? Do you struggle to stay on track?
  • Does reading, or listening to others talk, stretch your focus?
  • Do you struggle to complete even the simplest task?
  • Is it common for you to make errors or fail to complete work because you overlook details?
  • Are your listening skills poor? Do you struggle to remember conversations or follow directions?

If any of these symptoms describes you, you may have adult ADD. Does this mean that you just have to simply live with it? Not necessarily. There are solutions. You have options.


Adult ADD — The Fix
Nobody likes taking medication for adult ADD—or anything else, for that matter! Sometimes meds are necessary — but many times, drug-free methods prove just as effective. LearningRx cognitive training offers a helpful and promising solution to anyone struggling with adult ADD. The reason is simple: Your brain contains a complex system of neural connections that make up your underlying cognitive skills. These are the skills that make it possible for you to think, learn and process information. Several of these skills give you the ability to pay attention. When the neural connections responsible for paying attention are weak, the result is ADHD or ADD. The reason why LearningRx’s program works is that the broad, multi-skill exercises developed by LearningRx strengthen attention skills. With cognitive skills training at LearningRx, focus itself is trained and refined. It’s like a gym for your brain. If your arms are weak, the personal trainer at the gym will create exercises that target those weak areas. It’s the same with brain training. If attention skills are weak, our cognitive trainers target those weak areas to make them strong. Stronger attention skills equal improvements for those with adult ADD.

ADD Test— Brain training really does rewire brains and change lives.
For more information on how brain training can reduce or eliminate the symptoms of ADD and improve your life or the life of someone you love, take one of the following steps:


       this FREE online brain skills test. It takes less than 5 minutes and will give you immediate results.


       a cognitive skills assessment at a LearningRx Brain Training Center near you. It’s your first step to a faster, smarter brain.


       more about the research behind brain training.


       testimonials of men, women and children who have experienced the life-changing benefits of LearningRx Brain Training programs.
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