Adult ADD Test

Adult ADD Test

Adult ADD Test – What do I consider?

Are you looking for an online adult ADD test? Maybe you are simply looking for testing that will tell you whether or not you have ADD. If you are an adult, ADD test procedures may be different than the tests that children take. Some testing may be in the form of a self-evaluation or a quiz that asks you questions about what you notice in yourself. These types of tests may ask you whether you notice a lack of focus while doing easy tasks, or whether you always get distracted while reading. It may ask questions about concentration and listening skills. However accurate your answers may be, these quizzes focus mainly on symptoms. If symptoms are present, test results simply conclude that “This person has ADD” or “This person has ADHD.” In many cases, the immediate next step is to obtain prescription medication to control those symptoms. This pattern of diagnosis and treatment is missing a crucial step. This pattern does not consider remedies, but merely identifies symptoms and turns to medication to mask the symptoms. The problem with this is that many of the symptoms of ADD are symptoms of other problems too, like depression. Oftentimes, medication is prescribed without a clear understanding of what is going on under the surface.

Adult ADD Test — Beneath the Surface
Is there an adult ADD test that goes beyond merely recognizing the symptoms? Is there a way to actually see what is happening beneath the surface? Absolutely. There is an ADD test for both children and adults that reveals exactly what is happening in your brain. There are certain cognitive skills that control attention and focus, and if those cognitive skills are weak, the brain has a hard time with tasks that require concentration. Research has revealed that the brain is like a muscle — and that the right stimulus can cause parts of the brain to grow and get stronger. In other words, the cognitive skills responsible for memory, processing, executive function and attention can be strengthened. LearningRx’s programs are especially designed to strengthen these cognitive skills. Plus, the testing we do is designed to pinpoint cognitive skills weaknesses so we know which areas to work on! Typical adult ADD tests can’t show you what exists under the surface, and medication won’t solve the problem that exists under the surface — but brain training at LearningRx can do both.

Adult ADD Test — Brain training really does rewire brains and changes lives.
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