ADD Symptoms in Boys

ADD Symptoms in Boys

What are common ADD symptoms in boys?

What can account for the increase of ADD symptoms in boys in recent years? Boys have always had a tendency to be loud and rowdy, leading some to believe that their behavior is due to a lack of discipline at home or at school. But research shows that ADD symptoms in boys are actually the result of something going on the brain. When ADD symptoms are presents, it’s because the brain’s underlying cognitive skills responsible for attention, focus, and the ability to persevere on a task, are weak. Doctors are quick to prescribe medication, but brain researchers say that the disorder can be cured without meds. How does it work?

ADD symptoms in boys — Why cognitive skills matter
Did you know that the brain can grow and get bigger, like a muscle? Well, not actually bigger, but it might be fun to tell your son that. In a sense, it can “get bigger” because the number of neurons and connections between neurons can increase. This is called “neuroplasticity.” Once brain researchers discovered this amazing ability of the brain, they began to ask: “Since the brain can grow and change, how can we encourage it to do just that? How can we make the brain faster, stronger and smarter?” At LearningRx, we understand that with the right stimuli — the right kind of exercises and techniques — a faster, stronger, smarter brain is very much within reach. Not only that, but specific parts of the brain can be targeted for growth. For example, ADD symptoms in boys are present because of weaknesses in specific attention-related cognitive skills. When a child comes in for testing, and the test reveals that those attention-related skills are weak, we know that the child struggles with ADD. From there, training can target those weak skills and make them strong — just like a trainer in the gym would target weak muscle groups and make his trainee lift specific weights to increase the ability of those weak muscles.

Testing takes about an hour, and is inexpensive. If you see ADD symptoms in boys in your family, testing at a LearningRx brain training center is a great first step. If you want to get a head start, take the Learning Skills Discovery Survey online. Or, visit our website at to learn more.

ADD symptoms in boys — Brain training really does rewire brains and change lives.
For more information on how brain training can relieve or eliminate ADD ADHD and improve your life or the life of someone you love, take one of the following steps:Take

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