ADD Child Test

ADD Child Test

ADD Child Test – What are the options?

Are you searching online for an ADD child test or quiz? If you are a parent of a child with ADD, you’ll be interested to know there are solutions that can give your child relief from ADD — without resorting to drugs! And it begins by finding the right ADD test for your child. If you’ve been searching online for an ADD child test, you may have already found sites where you can take an observational survey that asks questions about symptoms you may have seen in your child. Many free online ADD child tests are of this nature. These surveys evaluate your child’s behavior by your answers to questions such as “How often does your child lose focus while reading or writing”? They will ask you to answer questions about your child’s concentration and / or listening skills. Learning Rx offers a free, observational survey that you can take by clicking here. These tests are a great start. But in order to identify the precise brain skills weaknesses that are at the root of your child’s struggle with ADD—and to fix those weaknesses—you need a true cognitive skills assessment.

ADD Child Test — Where to Go
LearningRx offers an in-depth cognitive skills assessment that goes beyond observations and identifies any underlying weaknesses that are at the root of the problem. A child’s cognitive skills are responsible for how well they remember, process information, pay attention, and make decisions. LearningRx’s brain training programs are designed to build and strengthen cognitive skills, eliminating the weaknesses that cause learning struggles or disabilities. An ADD child test such as the LearningRx Cognitive Skills Assessment pinpoints weaknesses in brain skills, and allows our trainers to target those weaknesses with specific exercises. The typical observational survey won’t reveal these weaknesses, but simply puts a name to the symptoms. If you already know that your child has ADD, you probably don’t need another observational survey. What you need now are answers. LearningRx can help.

Our assessment testing is confidential, takes about an hour, and is done in a non-academic setting that puts children at ease. The assessment, like our training, uses targeted exercises to explore what the brain can do, and what it struggles with. The assessment is non-invasive, and is made up of puzzles and games designed to reveal what’s happening with a person’s cognitive skills. After the assessment, you and your child will get to talk with a brain training expert who will explain the results and tell you what can be done to help.

ADD Child Test — Brain training really does rewire brains and change lives. 
For more information on how brain training can improve your life or the life of someone you love, take one of the following steps:

    Take this FREE online brain skills test. It takes less than 5 minutes and will give you immediate results.
    Schedule a cognitive skills assessment at a LearningRx Brain Training Center near you. It’s your first step to a faster, smarter brain.
    Learn more about the research behind brain training.
    Read testimonials of men, women and children who have experienced the life-changing benefits of LearningRx Brain Training programs.


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