Success Stories

Success Stories

Success Stories

Real Families. Real Stories.

LearningRx reviews are real stories from real families whose children have completed LearningRx training. You can browse testimonials by topic below, or use this tool to search for testimonials related to a topic of interest to you.

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“The LearningRx programs have given James more confidence in reading.”

“The LearningRx programs have given James more confidence in reading. He was able to see and experience his progress as he went through the program. He is picking up books to read without being prodded by adults. Spelling and word attack have improved a lot, despite his dyslexia. LearningRx has given him the effective tools to continue practicing his reading and get better at it. LearningRx is a good tool/process to acquire for people who have learning disabilities.”

Mariela S.
Mother of James, age 11
Colorado Springs, CO 

“Before the program, she spent hours on assignments that should have taken minutes.”

“The most significant change we have seen in our child is in the amount of time that it takes her to finish her homework. Before the program, she spent hours on assignments that should have taken minutes. Now she finishes quickly and without the usual frustration and tears. She has also gained some confidence in her ability to remember things which frustrated her before. She has some techniques that help her now.”

Katherine C.
Mother of Kate, age 14
Charlotte, NC 

“He seemed to have to work so hard to make small gains.”

“After home educating both of my sons for several years, I noticed my younger son struggling more than my older son ever had. I felt that things just weren’t “clicking” for him the way I felt they should. His struggles weren’t isolated to one specific area or subject. He seemed to have to work so hard to make small gains and he seemed to lose the material covered shortly after learning it. He was so bright but had so many blocks. I received the LearningRx brochure one day in the mail and became curious. I looked into it and then set it aside for about a year before finally making the appointment. The turning point for me was when I would hear him calling himself “stupid” and he would breakdown in frustration when he couldn’t remember how to do school work or recall information. I am so grateful that we took action, took the tests and signed up for the program. I have watched Jordan’s confidence and spirit rise to where it once was as he masters tasks and learning becomes easier for him. Jordan is one of those kids that is very “common sense smart” and he learns “unschoolish” things very quickly and easily. “Schoolish” learning always bogged him down and left him feeling defeated. Now he is eager to read factual information and books. He no longer feels defeated before he begins his schoolwork. I look forward to watching Jordan thrive as we continue our home schooling journey and know he would do well in whatever learning environment he chooses for himself. I’m still not sure how the program works, but it has definitely helped Jordan in many areas.”

Judy D.
Mother of Jordan, age 12
Tempe, AZ 

“Homework is no longer a struggle.”

“Catie is like a different child. She had a very bad year last year as a freshman. In spite of parental interventions, tutoring in two subjects, support from a special education teacher, medication, individual and group therapy, and frequent communication with teachers, she had a very mediocre GPA (about 2.1), hated school (and said so daily), and was generally pretty unhappy. Catie did LearningRx over the summer.

Since she started school this year, she actually seems to be enjoying it. Everything seems to be easier, she is getting her work done and is doing well on it, and most importantly, she feels better about herself and her accomplishments and is much happier. We are hopeful that the changes continue. Homework is no longer a struggle.”

Mother of Catie, age 15
Rockville, MD

“Zac never voluntarily read anything before LearningRx.”

“Zac never voluntarily read anything before LearningRx. Now when we are driving down the street he reads signs and bulletin boards. In school Zac could turn in two book reports and attend a read – in party with his classmates at the end of the quarter. This quarter is the first quarter he participated. HE did three book reports instead of two. Also, when he receives letters from his grandparents, he would always ask us to read them. Now he reads them himself and tells us what they had to say. Thanks, LearningRx! ”

James and Kathy S.
Parents of Zac, age 10
Lincoln, NE 

“Drake’s drive to want to finish or succeed has improved tremendously.”

“Drake’s drive to want to finish or succeed has improved tremendously. Reading and comprehending is second grade level, he was first grade level. I truly believe he is ready for third grade, and we passes second grade thanks to you guys. My main goal is having him with the LearningRx was to keep him medication free, and we have accomplished that.”

Curtis and Elizabeth U.
Parents of Drake, age 8
Simpsonville, SC 

“Our son has made improvements in so many areas, especially his self esteem.”

“Our son has made improvements in so many areas, especially his self esteem. He loves to read now and is excited about it too!!! I highly recommend LearningRx and look forward to coming back and having our other two sons go through the program as well. Everyone at LearningRx is wonderful!!!! Kind, patient, caring, encouraging, I could go on and on and on.”

Michelle O.
Mother of Michael, age 6
Daytona Beach, FL 

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